Monday, September 16, 2002

4:29 pm
allo, comment ca va? moi, je suis fatiguee mais je suis contente. last night was fun-- and indeed there was a slide show, with good pics galore. speaking of pics, i am getting some developed today. should be good. tonight we are having TURKEY! yummmm. and i have homework... grrrrr. tomorrow is a cross country meet that i am of course going to, wed. is church supper and class night at school, thurs. is morning pat appt., breakfast club if i can make it, friday is french club movie night, saturday is lunch w/ ms. stanley and lizzie's party, sunday is just plain sunday, etc. etc. etc. the calendar is fast filling up these next few months, which is good but bad. my birthday is a month from tomorrow (hint hint to all of yall who forgot! just kidding, you're not supposed to be thinking about it yet, it's a month away anyways) and i am trying to find a time for my party, but we have soccer games (my bro), pumpkin sales, relatives coming to visit, retreats, etc. etc. we want to have an open house for our new house but we have no idea when. ugh. too much stuff!!!!! and another ugh, i have a hangnail. but ok that is very random. talked to college guy david last night, he seems to be doing well, for which i am very thankful. and pumpkin sign up has started! YAY! they are coming in on oct. 6. it is a very exciting occasion. :P hehe. so blah blah blah yes, that proves that i am through at the momento. so peace until we meet again. --clarice

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