Wednesday, September 04, 2002

4:23 pm
hi. i am feeling a bit blahish, more emotionally than physically. I want to hear from some people and I miss my college pals (but i did hear from katie yesterday!). i long for more communication... ah well siigh. life is just waaay too busy for people. myself included, sometimes. but not that much. i think i have a good amount of free time because i don't have too many extracarriculars at the moment. church supper starts next wednesday, and of course youth and choir but that is on sundays so it doesn't really count as an "extracarricular" (aka after school activity). i have french club in the morning next monday and writing club in the afternoon next monday, which also happens to be LN's birthday... pheew! the american idol finale is on tonight, i haven't watched the show really yet but i think the finale might be kinda cool to see who wins and stuff. so i might watch that if i get done w/ my homework. i want kelly to win, i think. yep. breakfast club tomorrow. fun fun. that's all for now. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh (that was a big sigh for those of you who cannot hear me right now).

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