Monday, September 30, 2002

4:20 pm
who is tired? claire is tired!!!! ahhh mondays will do that to ya. anyway, last night was funnnn. as i was told, it was a slip'n'slide to start with... i did not slip and slide, but austin threw me on it but i did not slide, so i got partially wet and then all these wet and muddy people were hugging me but it's all good. then we played capture the flag, which i usually don't play but it was fun. then a worship. and of course today is monday (grr) so it's just a tiring wishy washy day. ugh my glasses are dirty... i need to wash them with soap, yes, soap. oh, speaking of which, LN got contacts!!!! tres cool. as of tomorrow, 16 days til mon anniversaire! it's creeping up on me. soon it shall be the season for college students to come home for fall break... that will be good, i miss my college brothers and sisters. dude i am totally blind without my glasses. yawn. peace to everbody out there in the world. frodo lives! hehehe

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