Tuesday, September 03, 2002

4:20 pm
hi there peoples-- yaaawn. i stayed up til 11:30 or so last night (well at least i was only up for 12 hours considering i slept in so late) doing BIOLOGY homework... urrgh. then woke up extra early this morning to take a shower. siigh. daddy is off on a business trip, mason hasn't gotten home from school yet, mum is up resting, cookies are in the oven (thank god for pillsbury e-z bake), and i am down here doing this. in a bit i am going to walk up to sms to view the cross country meet and cheer on mes amis. then homework... geography definitions (easy), geography TEST on thursday (noooo), french workbook pgs (easy), bring in watermelon (we decided that we are going to have la salade de fruits demain en classe.... j'apporte le pasteque-sp???), BIOLOGY TEST DEMAIN.... the bio test of doom. not really... not if i study. grrr. progress reports also come out tomorrow, dang. actually, that may not be too much of a bad thing, considering i don't have math this semester (thank you lord- but next semester will be tres dificile) and i think i am doing fine in all of my classes so far. 3 1/2 minutes til cookies are done... katie, if you read this, i have written you a letter and sent it. should be there... soon, hopefully. okay, byebye everybody --claire :)

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