Monday, September 23, 2002

4:13 pm
ah i am glad to be home. in 4th period i kept dreaming of a bed to come into the room that i could fall into and go to sleeeeeeep. but of course it didn't come. siigh oh well. youth last night was fun.. did skits... AH! it's a fluffy!!! hahaha! i am soo glad that megs and i worked that into our skit! it's about time we brought that back, no, just kidding, that was definitely 5th grade. anyway, went to french club this morning. me and john and laura and matt are the faithful ones, hehe. but we really need to get more publicity out, which i will help see to. got une lettre from david, good good. tonight i am doing nothing... except i guess homework and stuff. jennifer aniston won the emmy!!! yayayay. i wish that either matt le blanc or matthew perry had won for best actor though, but oh well. can't wait for the "friends" premiere thurs. night. i cannot wait for fall retreat!!! it's gonna be sooo much fun. hehe, homecoming prayers majorly starting next week for buffy... just kidding, i know she will get a date. but it's a youth tradition, hmmm. yawn.

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