Sunday, September 29, 2002

2:46 pm
bonjour, comment allez vous? moi, je suis fatiguee mais je suis contente. church was fun, i went to starbucks and grabbed a bagel and cream cheese and hot chocolate and walked up to sunday school and SPILLED SOME CHOCOLAT CHAUD ON MY WHITE SHIRT!!! grrrr. it's not that big a deal, but white and i have some sort of fatal attraction. ahh wellza. whatever, it's just a shirt! anyway, today was laity sunday, a lot about the glenn-emory relationship thing. nana spoke though and she did well. looooong service. then picnic! yummza. tonight martha and victor are coming to youth. it's a "surprise" wet and dirty night, should be fun. ugh i need to do citizenship homework and clean my room... ciao :)

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