Sunday, September 22, 2002

2:32 pm
went to starbucks w/ molls this morning, very nice. they have good bagels and cream cheese there. and of course le chocolat chaud. then we came in reallllllly late to sunday school (sr. high! Yesssss) and talked about birthdays (nathan's is today) and iraq (don't bomb) and the civil war (began in 1861, ended in 1865). yes we have an interesting class. walked to church w/ my homefries (allie, megs, george, molls, etc.) and sat w/ them plus daniel, cole, chris, etc. ce soir is bible trivia apparently. ugh i have homework to do.. dang. but first maybe a nap. oh and a general announcement: "the return of the king" by tolkien is DEFINITELY the best lotr book. very, very, very good. read it! also-- "the women" is an excellent film and play-- see it! there. g'bye --MOI~~~ :-D

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