Sunday, September 01, 2002

1:40 pm
aloha.. yesterday was fun, emmy and megs spent the night. we stayed up til 2 am watching movies- "legally blonde", "when harry met sally", and "erin brockovich". good times. went to starbucks this morning, skipped sunday school (i don't think i could stand one more sunday school like last week... ughhhhh senior high please come soon) and talked youth politics, he he he. went to church, sat w/ mollie and austin and people like that... and blah blah blah... got home had bbq chicken for lunch and broccoli and a deviled egg and now i am down here typing. i need to get to bed earlier tonight. i really need to study for my big bio test on wednesday. majorly majorly. why couldn't we have had youth and choir today?!?!? ugh i want to very badly because 1) i love to see my friends 2) i have nothing else to do 3) it would get me out of doing my homework. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. groan. at least we don't have school tomorrow, thank god for labor day. katie is all moved it at swat! yay! i have written her a lovely paper letter and am going to send it as soon as the mail guy comes back after labor day. yeah. i need to print out all my blogs. i should. so maybe i will go do that now. have a wonderful labor day weekend y'all --clairey
i do know
where you go
is where i wanna be
(dave matthews band "where are you goin?")

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