Saturday, September 21, 2002

12:40 pm
ah, greetings mes amis. c'est samedi! yay... last night, john and i were the ONLY ones who showed up at movie night. but hey, it was fun because we got to talk all thru the movie and eat cookies and popcorn and make fun of the characters and the tendencies of the french to have mother and daughter fight over a guy. (really high voice: "jean-babtiste! je t'aime!"). i'm talking to sister molls maintenant and taking a break from cleaning my room. it just rained and then it got waay sunny again. my mother is painting the living room a cool green color called "herbivore"... i have vegetarian friends who would like that name. oh, for biology this weekend, we have to write a story using words such as "herbivore", "carnivore", "consumer", etc. entitled "chuck norris goes to the zoo". (in case you all didn't know, my bio teacher, besides being extremely good and cool, considers chuck norris, larry bird, and jacques cousteau as her heroes, but mostly just the first two. she played us the "walker texas ranger" theme song for inspiration right before a big test! i tell you, that is cool-- even though i've never heard of walker texas ranger... oh well) just an interesting little thing... yeah. time to go do something other than this, like eat lunch or finish rangering (haha that is SO not french) ma chambre. aloha (remember that's hawaiian for both hello AND goodbye) --clarice

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