Monday, September 02, 2002

11:43 am
ahhh sleeping til 11 in the morning is such a wonderful luxury that i always take for granted in the summer but on labor day, it's awesome! la dee da da. well today i need to semi-clean up my room (ha ha) and do some MAJOR homework and studying (dangit). huge bio test on wednesday, grrrrrr. but then maybe that huge bio test will make us not have homework on wednesday night! yeah right. she'll think of something. oh well, she's a good teacher and i enjoy her class for the most part. ahem ahem i need to keep clearing my throat, i have been taking my vitamins pretty much every day because as we all know quite well by now, CLAIRE CAN NEVER GET SICK AGAIN. well, that's sorta overdoing it, but i do NOT want to miss school anymore than i have to. so it's exercise, vitamins, sleep, wash hands... yeah. but cold season is around the corner, urrrgh. okay that's all that i can think of to write except good luck with the first day of classes to some of my college home fries (katie, etc.)... peace out everbody --clairey and happy labor day which means no school! :-D

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