Sunday, September 15, 2002

1:04 pm
ugh i want to go to the club but i can't. hmph. i need to eat some lunch but i don't know what to have. i would love to have salmon. or something like that, something i don't have to make (haha lazyyyyy). we apparently have corn on the cob and publix chicken tenders upstairs but i don't like it when they are cold. this is my self-centered side. but putting that aside, which i should do, church was fun today. mom and i went to starbucks and saw di and kirsten and daniel and his dad. then kirsten dropped me and diane off because choir sang in church today. we had the district-superintendent guy for our district (the thing that john is now i think) come and preach and i tho't the sermon was really good. he was very passionate. and we got out before 12:30!!!!!!!!!!! GASP! ok that is really mean. but dan and leanne are going to eat w/ nana and pop pop, oh well. tonight is choir and potluck. hopefully they will have a slide show too, i LOVE the slide shows so much. it's fun to see them. and then tomorrow is school... of course. but the weeks have been going really, really fast. ugh my glasses are dirty. ciao y'alllllll siiiiiiiiiiigh :D
ps. i think we lost the football game but is that a surprise to anyone? nooooo. haha

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