Tuesday, August 20, 2002

7:45 PM
hi, i have been home for about 1 1/2 hours due to the fact that today is the voting primary and i had a drama club meeting after school and my dad is running the polls at dhhs so he was there all day so i just went to the library afterwards and called mom but she couldn't come get me right then because she had to wait for mason to get home on the bus and then drive him to soccer practice so i stayed in the back of the library lo (ok my IM thing just popped up, how weird)oking (that word i didn't quite finish is LOOKING) at yearbooks from 99, 01, and 02. ugh i really really REALLY need some email here!!! only one (from michael) again... i know that school is back in the swing but STILL.... ok i am probably asking too much. :) anyways. sigh. i was looking at those yearbooks and wondering what it's gonna be like when we're seniors. it'll be pretty interesting to see how everything (and everyone) turns out. i wish it was friday, oh wellza. tomorrow is wednesday (aka "hump day"). my brother is telling me that he needs to call dad so i have to stop tying up the phone line (ughhhh how annoying) so peace out and i hope you get sleep if you are tired like i am --clairey (yawn) who thinks her bro can be annoying at times (like now)

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