Tuesday, August 27, 2002

7:32 pm
hi, today was a fun and good day. although it didn't start out so great because i kinda had to finish my cell project this MORNING... really really early... but it got turned in and that's the best i can do. yay, at least it's over with. urrgh me and my stupid procrastination. my brother was just really nice and said he'd use a cell phone to call sarah instead of making me get off the net. because i need to finish telling about this super fun day. wait i gotta go set the table... dang. be right back. (okay gotta hurry dinner's almost ready dangit) okay so then the project was over and ronnie picked me and lizzie up and we went to LRS to see ms. stanley for awhile. and then i got home and ate some cookies and changed and then walked to sms to see the cross country meet and cheer on dhhs and my friends. chris was there because he has friends that run for lhs so i saw him and afterwards saw john (my french club vice prez), diane, andrew, alex, matt, paul, rachael, mike, etc. etc. and bo but she got hurt (scraped her knee and reinjured her ankle) so chris and i helped her to the car. it is really a fun place to go, i think i'm gonna try and go every tuesday. but also a girl from another team got CARDIAC ARREST. thank god that aggie, paul and bec's mom, is a nurse and was there. i don't know what happened to her but a firetruck and an ambulance were there when i left. jeez. i really hope she's okay. so now i've done my bio questions and now i have to do a poster for "equilibrium". whoo hoo yay. but first dinner.. today was an enjoyable day.. peace and many enjoyable days ahead of you --clairey who is typing really really fast

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