Wednesday, August 07, 2002

6:38 PM
Yo dudes.
Today was registration... it wasn't that bad. We went w/ my bro to his new school and it's interesting. I hope he finds happiness there. Then we came home and then Mom and I got chik-fil-a (if you don't have that in your town I am SO sorry because it is the best fast food in the world) and then she dropped me off at my old elem. school and I walked around there seeing all the old teachers and stuff. It is something I have done for the past 3 years on Registration day. It is always so weird to come back because I feel tall and huge in such a small space that I am not used to anymore! Crrrrazy. But I can walk there now so it is nice! Everyone was all like, "Oh you're so tall!" etc. etc. But it's really enjoyable because of the memories... ah yes, I was humming "Light the Candles" as I walked down the halls of my alma mater. Then I walked to SMS and saw all the teachers and guess what?!!?!? Ms. L hasn't left like she said she would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! :D I was so happy to see her. So, so happy. Yay! And I saw Ms. F and Ms. B and of course Ms. M and Ms. R, two of the best and most memorable teachers in the world. Actually, all of them are memorable. It is sad that Mme Wisenputz (aka Putz but whatever) isn't coming back. :( She was a great teacher, I loved her. So I sat in Ms. L's room for awhile talking to her. Yeah. And then I walked home (Wow! I can walk there!) and then we drove to my NEW school and went to orientation and registration. The principal droned on and on and on and on and on but I liked what he had to say for the most part. He wore his robes of course. And then the asst. principal introduced a ton of people and explained what we will do on Mon. when we first get there (AHHHH!!!) and stuff. Then I got my schedule and went around and met all the teachers-- 4 classes for this first semester- Citizenship, French II, Biology, and Chorus. All my teachers seem pretty nice (knock on wood). So basically we'll see what happens on Monday! OK, now for my rant on the 3rd Austin Powers movie:
We went and saw it today after registration (Hannah came w/ us). I may be taking this a little seriously, but I DID NOT ENJOY most of it. It's just sad that we have adults making this movie! All the bathroom jokes and sex jokes and all that other crap are just terrible. They have made the movie for teens and stuff but I don't think that it's good for teens to watch! To me it is shameful. Urgh. These are GROWN UPS! Jeez!!!! Supposed to be SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE for us, aka the next generation! Or the future, or whatever. So there. Most of it was stupid. And VERY "raunchy" as my mother put it. And Fat Bastard is the stupidest character!!! I don't even know WHY they put him in there! Beyoncee Knowles (sp?) was really good though. And I don't want Scott to turn more evil! I liked him when he was a rebel. Hehe. OK there I am done with that now. pizza for dinner --clairey who did not like the third austin powers and who also thought that michael caine totally wasted his oscar-winning talent this time

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