Thursday, August 01, 2002

6:13 PM
OH MY GOSH I am really pissed off because the stupid TV isn't working.. I don't understand! We watched "Matlock" this morning and it was working... and now I cannot watch "Friends". Oh well, I sound like a typical materialistic American teenager of the 21st century. You gotta have your moments. And it's a rerun anyways. But this afternoon was a lotta fun. Me and Mason went over to Marty and Victor's house and swam in their pool (thank goodness! I have been suffering from pool deprivation for this ENTIRE summer...) and played head volleyball. Hehe. Now I am going to go have a hot dog for dinner and then go to the baseball fame. LN is gonna be there too, w/ her youth group, so if I see her then I'm gonna yell really loud and if she sees me, she's gonna yell really loud!!!!! Hehe. OH WOW! Dad just fixed the TV! BYE! :D --clairey

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