Monday, August 19, 2002

5:50 PM
allo allo allo... yawn. i had my annual physical today... got 2 shots (hep. A and tetanus) and a finger prick, urrgh. well it's not like i haven't been poked a lot before (ahem see my april archives when i was in the hospital). hm anyways tonight is open house and i was going to go but then the teachers piled on so much work and i got home later than usual so i'm probably just gonna hang here at home and do my stupid stupid work. our geography teacher has made us draw a map of the world, freehand, and it's killin me. urrrgh everything has to be longitude and latitude correct, labeled, colored, (population density SHADED), etc. etc. due wednesday. sigh. lunch is really fun, i enjoy it a lot. we grab a booth- me, LN, nazia, martha, lizzie, and paul (this new guy but he's really nice)- and it's so much fun. hm maybe LN is cursed because of the whole chip bag with a hole in it thing lol. :) anyways last night at kickoff was awesome. the committee heads really put some work into it. i think that my fave was bo and ann doing their rap- it was hysterical. me and laura have a new inside joke (uh oh you should have seen us with the last few inside jokes such as "Baaaaaa" and "jeeeeeOseph!" etc. and several others from last summer)--- megan was saying something into the mike and then laura just starts yelling, "WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAT?!" over and over and megs got annoyed but then i started yelling it too and we started yelling it back to each other. it was funny. :) haha and i said it to her in the halls on the way to biology today too. sigh, crazy rabid sheep strike again where you least expect it. ugh i only have like 2 emails. oh wellza. we have a ton of 7th graders this year. i had a good lunch today, i had the other half of my panera italian sub (yummmmers) and potato salad from publix and two mini milky ways. i really want chicken pie soon... mom says maybe tomorrow night, tonight she is making a lasagna-type thing that should be pretty good. she got some e-z bake cookies again too (i love those things! they're awesome!) so i'm gonna bake em soon. lick lips, hehehe.dangit dangit i just spilled milk (for my calcium) on my pants and the foxtrot book i have down here. whoops. ok that's all for now, i've decided that i like writing in small letters better than capitalizing everything that needs capitalization. yeah. peace out dudes --clairey who has "flavor of the week" by american hi-fi stuck in her head. yeah. seeee ya

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