Saturday, August 17, 2002

4:56 PM
Allo tout le monde! Comment ca va? Moi, j'ai faim! (Hello everyone! How are you? I am hungry!!!!) We are having steak for dinner and even though I try to lay off of red meat (although NEVER a true vegitarian like Molls :D or my new citizenship teacher), it'll be yummmmmy. Especially since I am really really hungry. I just walked home from CVS because I needed to turn in pictures to be developed. I am supposedly getting them back on Mon. afternoon but Mon. is already soooo busy-- dr.'s appt. after school (stupid yearly physical.. grrr), then open house for school in the evening! And homework to top it all off. I talked to Jessie this afternoon! She called me. Yay! :) It was good to talk to her and hear how her week went at LHS. I am really, really happy that tomorrow is kickoff day and just plain ole Sunday. The day I get to hang w/ all my home fries. :-) Haha. Dum da dum... boredness. Chattin' with Allie and Emily who is at her house. I like the Papyrus font, it's very cool.. OK, that was waaay random. Last night Julia and I slept sideways on Laura's empty bed since Laura is now at college. Hae (that is a cool looking word- it semi-mixes "he" and "ha" which are the two "hehe" "haha" things I say mostly... um yea). Welcome all little seventh graders to our awesome Youth Group! YAY! It'll be a great year. Peace out dudes and dudesses --clairey who is haaapppyyyyy :D and silly and loves to type on the computer on her blog even when she doesn't know what the heck she's saying and she doesn't really care all that much either because this site doesn't have a guestbook so unless you have my email address then you can't say any thing about it :D ok there i'm done now i think

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