Thursday, August 29, 2002

4:49 pm
hi. today was a pretty good day. i am just happy that tomororw is a 1/2 day. LN and i are walking down to the village and eating lunch @ panera and then goin to coldstone or starbucks or something. fun, fun. to go to the mtns. or not to go to the mtns...... THAT is the question. and has been for awhile. since it's labor day, gabe and rebekah will be up there... and nana and pop pop too. and they really want me and mom to come up. mason and dad can't because of soccer. hmmmmmmmm. it would be fun but it would also be nice just to have a weekend doing nothing, mostly. hmms. today was breakfast club- me, bryn, ann, and austin, and amy and eric and laura. thank god for half days and days off from school. i heard there's gonna be a protest in front of the school against school uniforms tomorrow morning... ugh i don't like them but that is so stupid. our principal can't do ANYTHING about it, he would if he could because he is one of three principals in the county that was against it!!!! but he doesn't want to lose his job and i don't blame him, so take it to the supernintendent (who has already lost the respect of students here and we don't even know him. our last supernintendent got arrested for DUI so there you go, every one of them has a problem of some sort). stuuuuupid people. i already signed a petition, i may write a letter if it gets too bad. i am talking to michael on im. byeeee --clairey who is tired and cannot wait for her 1/2 day

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