Wednesday, August 14, 2002

4:34 PM
Hi, the 3rd day of school is over. And I am getting used to it, mostly. Today I learned in biology that roaches die on their backs because their shells are really heavy... or something like that. I have homework in Citizenship (actually Geography), French, and Biology. Urrrgh. Tomorrow is breakfast club for youth. Then only 2 days left of school this week. Then there will only be 17 weeks left til Winter Vacation. (Jeez am I looking ahead) And on Sunday it's KICKOFF TIME!!! YAHOOOOO! Yay. I looooove kickoff. It'll be awesome from what I've heard about the skits... hahahahahaha. ;) We'll see how it goes.. and I always love the slide show too. Anyways, off I go to check email and then do homework (dangit). Peace to all who read this here --clairey :):):):)

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