Wednesday, August 28, 2002

4:33 pm
please keep the family of shai owens in your thoughts and prayers... she got cardiac arrest yesterday at the cross country meet, was taken to the hospital, and died two hours later. she was a sophomore in high school. god, i can't imagine that. so please think of her and her family. today was a pretty good day... katie left for college today, and apparently so did ephraim (got a letter from him today- he is the best). and eric is leaving tomorrow. and as we all know, david has already left. and so has florence. so all my college peeps are gone. sniff sniff. ah well. hum da dum dum. oh yeah, and i saw bo at school so i think she is doing better.... hope she is doing better. siiigh. tomorrow is breakfast club. and the day after that is a half day. thank goodness. okay that's all. tchao --clairey

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