Thursday, August 15, 2002

4:09 PM
Urgh, I only had one personal email (from Michael) and the other two were junk mail. Seems I am getting more and more junk mail as time drags on. Ah well, and my block sender thing doesn't seem to work. Well, on the brighter side, today was another pretty good day- my locker is now working! Goody! I'm glad that is out of the way. I also saw Megs for the first time this week (we are in the same grade and we never see each other at the same school!!! How annoying)!!! YAY. And then at lunch, haha, LN & Lizzie-- pringles? What pringles?! Table? Huh, what table? Under the table? Nope, never looked there! It wasn't my fault but somehow pringles got smushed under the table. Yea, so anyways... breakfast club was this morning. It was a lotta fun. Me, Amy, Cole, Bryn, Buffy, her friend Kristen, Kat, Shannon, David, Eric, Laura, and Buffy's dad were there. And my mom and bro too but they sat at a different table. David drove me and Shannon to school. My brother wasn't feeling well today so he stayed home; I just cannot afford to do that with my sickness several months ago and since missing one day at my school is equal to missing two. SOOOO... take my vitamins, wash my hands, get my exercise. Yeup. Ahhh, I love playing with silly putty. TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOWZA! I am so happy about that. Tomorrow night I am spending the night w/ Julia and then doing nothing on Saturday and then Sunday is wonderful church and even more wonderful Youth kickoff!! I know, I have mentioned it soo much, but I am so psyched. Yahooza! I only have citizenship and biology homework, no French, yay! And I can watch TV today (our fam. rule-- no TV or video games Mon.-Wed. during the school year) so yayayay! "Friends" here I come! :-) Be happy, peoples, life is short. --clairey who is going to go bake cookies now-- 13 is the magic number on my oven heeheehee :D

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