Friday, August 30, 2002

3:31 pm
today was a half day! it was a lot of fun. especially after, because me and ellen and megan and kayleigh walked down to panera. but then kayleigh left so just the three of us ate, and it was awesome. but this morning ellen was wearing a hat that sort of looked like austin's and then austin comes up to her and goes, "excuse me... who are you? because you know that now you're my arch rival..." hahaha because of the hat thing. i tho't that was great. it's a 3 day weekend! YESSSSSSS! :-D heehee. i may have a sleepover tomorrow night w/ some church friends... i'm not sure yet. we'll see. i love it that i have nothing to do all weekend, nothing really planned out... soooo nice. yahooooooooo! --clairey :D:D

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