Friday, August 02, 2002

3:27 PM
Hi, LN and me didn't see each other @ the Bravos game but whatever... we won though! It was totally fun. And then while we were walking towards the MARTA station, Bethany and Barbara pulled over and we hopped in and they gave us a ride to where our car was! But it totally pissed this cop off, he was so mad... jeez! ANYWAYS... it was a lotta fun. I love going to the stadium, the adrenaline there is just awesome. OK, my two favorite songs at the moment are "In the Middle" by Jimmy Eat World and "1,000 Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. Both great songs. I have a poem I am going to put in here:

The Wise Ones
Wise ones, come to us, we plead,
Let us know where our paths lead.
No, you say, we know not to yield,
you'll find it in your own dense field.
This field, you say, is known as life,
within it lies all kinds of strife,
But we know you have strength to make it,
We know that you have guts to take it,
When sorrow comes, we know you'll shake it,
When it's too much, we know you'll break it.
These things we know because we believe in
life and love and courage true,
we know you'll see inside of you,
and find out just what you can do.

That is all for now... for lunch I had a ham and cheese s/wich, a spinach salad w/ tomatoes and yummy balsamic vinagarette, and that wonderful Oh Fudge, Oh Nuts ice cream! Mmmmmmmm... I am going to call Mollie soon because maybe she is over her jet lag by now. Hehe.

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