Saturday, August 10, 2002

3:15 PM
Hi peoples. Sigh. Mollie is coming over for dinner tonight! YAY! And I am on page 110 in The Hobbit. Whoo hoo!!! I cannot believe there is one full day of summer. And it is a busy one! Another sigh. I am talking to Annie on IM. Daddy is home. I am glad tomorrow is Sunday, even though it is a school night (ohhh how I hate to say that). That means that most people are back from vacation though, so I will see a lot of them. And Youth is tomorrow too, I think. My birthday is in two months, that is crazyish. I am excited about school in a weird way. A very weird way. Hm.. smile --clairey who is smiling and is popping her silly putty because that is a new obssession (is that how you spell obssession? hehe)

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