Sunday, August 18, 2002

2:50 PM
Bonjour cool dudes (yes you are cool because you have taken time to come here and actually read what is up in the life of clairey!)-- hope your day has gone extremely well. i have decided that for the momento i am going to write in small letters because i just feel like it and of course as we all know, that is a very good reason. i went to sunday school today, it was "promotion sunday" so all the 7th graders were there. then went and sat in church upstairs with david, chris, cole, daniel, and mason and some other seventh people. we walked down for sharing the word w/ the children again, this time with david in the lead. :) it was so much fun, there were a ton of kids (and teens like us) up there. then i walked down to panera with david and chris t. and some other people for lunch and dad went to a church meeting and i stayed and ate w/ them. then i walked back up to the car with david, he left, i got my backpack and my biology stuff out of the car, went to the church library to study (daddo's library) and then the meeting was over so i went home w/ dad and barely got a chance to study. goshdurnit that means i'll have to do it now at home where there are so many more distractions. we bought "lord of the rings" last night so we were watching a little bit of it. tonight is KICKOFF (ok that i can put in caps because i am so excited)!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!! it'll be awesome. so much fun. can't wait to see the skits, haha. my birthday is semi-soon... about 2 mos. whatever. dum da dum dum... a great song is "peace train" by cat stevens. it reminds me of "remember the titans" and since "rtt" was filmed at my schools and stuff it is even cooler. yeah. "now i've been happy lately, thinkin about good things to come, and i believe it could be, something good has begun" or something like that. it's a great song. i am just rambling now so byebye.... be happy everybody! --clairey who now has "peace train" stuck in her head

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