Saturday, August 03, 2002

2:29 PM
I can be on the Net til 2:56 or 3 PM and then I am getting off so I don't tie up the phone line any longer... having Barbara, Kent, and Christopher over for dinner tonight... Can't wait to see Molls and others at church tomorrow- if there are others to be found, I think several of my home fries are still on vacation. Who knows. I wanna walk to CVS to get my pics that Mom dropped off to be developed. Family occasion tomorrow night, I may blow off Youth for that although it's the last summer Youth... sniff sniff. We'll see, maybe I'll go late. Because Gabe and Rebekah are in town and I wanna see them. Yeah. I need to clean my room.. urgh. A little while ago I was up in my room having woes about not going back to SMS and not seeing any of the LHSers at school anymore, etc. etc. I was also listening to the radio which kept coming on with songs like "In the End" and "Complicated" and all those that remind me of the end of this year. *Sniff sniff*. But this year should be fun, I HOPE SO! I was also thinking that it's so amazing that the 1st anniversary of Sept. 11 is coming up so quickly. It's crazy because it totally seems like it happened yesterday. I am going to put my monologue about it up here on the anniversary. I cannot believe that school starts so soon, it is a very uncomfortable feeling considering that I have been nice and summery and relaxed for about 2 1/2 months. Let's see, now it is 2:38 so I have... 18 minutes left. Yeah. BYE! ~clairey

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