Sunday, August 25, 2002

2:20 pm
aloha... tonight is choir, i am totally looking forward to singing with my wonderful strong alto women once again! for those of you who are just plain stupid and don't know it, ALTOS ROCK THE UNIVERSE! thank you. anyways. went to sunday school and church and then clubbing, finalllllly. now at home and i need to do homework which i promise i will do as soon as i am done writing this and done talking to LN which, as we all know, could take awhile. sooo there you have it, claire's procrastination methods. ah well. so tonight is "getting to know you night"... ooh, fun. honey if you love me!! yeaaa! hehe. oohh i hope we don't do the hot potato baby food game like last year... that was NOT the greatest game ever invented. but it'll be fun. we have a ton of sevvies this year. wonder how many of em will come back after awhile.. we'll see. so i really do need to go do something constructive with my time (which is another way of saying i would write more but i don't have anything else to say...).. hm. peace --clairey who has a slight headache and is gonna go take some motrin or something. yep. WHAT?! (sorry inside joke thing)

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