Sunday, August 11, 2002

2:03 PM (with my new watch, hehehehehe)
HI! Today was fun, or has been fun so far. But first- Molls came for dinner last night and just to hang... It was awesome, we have so much fun talking about whatever. :D And yummy Publix subs outside and then I baked cookies (13 is the magic number on this new oven) and we just had a good time. And looked at scrapbooks. And I finished The Hobbit last night! YAY! Except I don't even think I need to read it since I don't have lit til 2nd semester. Oh well. So I am not going to read Tom Sawyer today. TOMORROW SCHOOL STARTS!!! OH MY GOSH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (I could go on but that would get a bit boring). But ANYWAYS-- went to Sunday School this morning... Megs is home! It was awesome to see her, except I stubbed my toe. :) And we wrote our own psalms and I wrote one about what happened at camp and why I didn't like it. I will post it here later. Maybe. Then we went to church, which was nice. Me, Austin, Mollie, Megan, Chris, George, and Chris' friend sat up in the balcony. It was so funny because we went down for Sharing the Word w/ the Children (David would be proud of us and he wasn't even there. Austin was like, "wanna go up?" and we were all like, "sure what the heck let's go."). The congregation always starts to chuckle as they see us walk down, these teenagers. Hehe. And Megan tripped going up there so we were all trying not to laugh at the front of the sanctuary!!! Whoops. Then the sermon was about Joseph and his dreams and we were all like, yeah, we know, we performed the musical a year and 1/2 ago! (Jeez, that's scary that it was so long ago) When we got downstairs after the service, Katie was like, "did anyone else want to burst into song during his sermon?" YES! Go go go Joseph... And when they talked about Potiphar, we all turned to look at Austin. Ah, I love my friends there. They are awesome, the best in the world. I have not even really started to think about school yet. I figure I just go with the flow, esp. at a new school. Youth tonight is games so it'll be a nice refresher before the grind begins. Tra la la lally, go down to the valley! (from The Hobbit) Tolkien has some very good poems that I really, really like. I would LOVE to live in Rivendell, with the elves... ah, so beautiful and amazing. And the elves singing in the trees! sigh ~~clairey the blogger who likes chocolate chip cookies!

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