Thursday, August 08, 2002

2:03 PM
I don't feel like writing too much but... Melissa is in my 1st period class, yay! LN is in my homeroom and my biology class which means we have lunch together, yay! Mollie is coming to see the new house tomorrow, yay! I need to go switch books to my new bookshelf, yay! I am saying yay a lot. Maybe I should change it to LN's "yey!" yawn. I love sleeping late, reading Foxtrot books, chewing ice, singing, playing Mario Kart (the only video game I like), watching "Friends", getting email, eating ice cream, walking around the track, getting ready for church, eating out, going to my grandparents' house, having family gatherings, etc. etc. etc. I gotta go, Mom needs to use the phone...

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