Sunday, August 04, 2002

1:38 PM
Dude Austin dyed his hair BLACK! :-D It looks pretty good though. SUnday School was fun, played pictionary... we weren't keeping score but I bet that the girls won. Actually, before that, Molls and I went to Starbucks.. yummza. Church was... interesting. The thing is, I have been questioning my beliefs and I really believe in a God and I love God and I know that God loves me. But I don't really believe in Jesus. I actually believe in the baby Jesus more than the adult Jesus. They seem to be two totally different people. But the sermon today was... well, I didn't really understand it too well, but I didn't like some of the things I heard anyways. I just believe in love and peace and God and morals and family and friends and freedom and making your own decisions and good food and laughter and optimism. Cheers! --clairey

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