Tuesday, August 06, 2002

12:34 PM
Today is a good day... Slept til about 10:30ish (ahh), ate "breakfast" around 11 (aka lunch), had ice cream afterwards (hey, it's the last week of summer, I am doing whatever), and at 2 I am going swimming with my cousins and my grandmother. I have been SO pool deprived this summer, I am really looking forward to it. Then tonight we are walking over to Sarah and Hannah's house and watching "Lord of the Rings" because it comes out today. Last night was a lot of fun because we walked to the SMS track and Sarah and her friend met us there and the boys and them and my dad played with the foxtail and the boomerang and I walked my mile and there was a game of Ultimate going on and other people walking and there is a nice sense of community when we go there, especially since we can walk there now. Then I lay down on the concrete and just relaxed... ah, it was great. Tchao ~ :D clairey the happy person writing girl (oh no! are we back to titles again!?! Ahhh! hehe)

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