Thursday, August 01, 2002

11:13 AM
Hi, I am blogging just for the heck of it because I like to and I like the new template I am using! Hehe. I am talking to Marty on IM at the moment. I cannot believe that school is starting so soon! It seems like summer just started! And on the last day of school, it didn't even seem like it. Now I won't be going to school with half the kids I've seen every day for the past two years. Hmph. No fair that they have to split us up. Urrrrgh. And it is sad to see SMS because, even though sometimes I dreaded going there in the mornings when I had stuff I didn't want to do in a class, I really loved it. This past year especially. Soooo- yeah, sentimental moment I guess. But I can walk to it from my new house now. Haha and I won't even be going there next year. Neither will my bro. BUT I can walk to the track for exercise. Which reminds me, I need to do that today. But since it is already nearly 11:20 AM I'll wait til this evening so it won't be so hot. This house repair guy is here for the zillionth time and my dogs are going ballistic (as usual, for anyone who's met them before) so Mom has put them downstairs in the basement with ME and my brother. They are crazy little things, speaking of which, today is Tansy's birthday! She is one year old today, go her. Maybe now she'll start acting like a good dog and know when it's time to shut up. But really, I love her very much, and sweet Rusty too. I want to call Mollie but who knows, she may be still sleeping since she got in last night... Molls, if you're reading this and you feel like it, call me. Because I have really only been checking my e-mail like, once a day. However, if I am on the Net, then the phone doesn't work because I am semi-talking on the phone (the line is busy at least). We haven't had a chance to install a second phone line yet like we did at our old house. Ugh, clear my throat... ahem ahem. Boreboredbored... I miss Youth, can't wait til kickoff. Although David is leaving... won't be the same w/out him. Ah well, he'll enjoy himself up in the frigid cold. :D I'm gonna sign off now because I have nothing better to write at the moment and I want to see how it looks on the new template... he he. I need to republish my archives in the template too... off to do that now, may the force be with you (haha, just kidding) --clairey

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