Saturday, August 31, 2002

10:57 am
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's saturday. yay. sigh i am missing my youth people since we don't have any this weekend and also the college people. sometimes i wish it was always christmas eve so i could hang out with all of em. well, it will be christmas soon enough, i suppose, time does fly. i was reading old blogs last night-- i've had this blog for... about 6 1/2 months. craazy. not much is going on.. that seems to be the usual at the moment. i sort of wish it wasn't, i could be doing something. well maybe i will have friends over. but really, right now i just want to be in that place we call the yaab (if you dunno what it is, it doesn't matter) with my home fries-- katie, molls, david, florence, diane, megs, austin, chris, rob r., rob s., laura.... etc. etc. etc. talking and laughing and having a great time, as we usually do. i am so lucky to have all of them in my life, even if i don't see them too much. yepyep. goodtimes, goodtimes.
on a more random note... a poem by moi (written this summer)
Who am I?
I am the Claire, the Clairey, the Clairebear, the Claireyboo, the Clarice, the ME, the one and only.
I am the strong one, I am the reverent one, I am the loving one, I am the caring one, I am the shy one, I am the happy one, I am the sane one, I am the crazy one, I am the communicating one, I am the respectful one, I am the listening one, I am the talking one, the only one.
I am the writing one, I am the dancing one, I am the singing one, I am the acting one, I am the scrapbooking one, I am the swimming one, I am the laughing one, I am the typing one, I am the smiling one, I am the sobbing one, I am the beaming one, the one who's there with you.
I am the one whose heart beats faster every time I see the ones I love.
I am the one who rejoices when I see exquisite food on the table.
I am the one who grins and doesn't stop when I see that I have a letter in the mail.
I am the one who doesn't sit down until I have finished standing up for my beliefs.
I am the one who looks around me when I pray.
I am the one whose eyes are bigger than my stomach.
I am the one who hates perfumes and brand name stores.
I am the one who loves to delve into books.
I am the one who loves to make up stories.
I am the one who loves to laugh hysterically at inside jokes.
I am the one who runs through the church.
I am the one who greets children at the door.
I am the one who blows bubbles on the playground.
I am the one who tries not to care what people think of me.
I am the one who writes notes during sermons.
I am the one who doubts the Bible.
I am the one who watches PBS and listens to NPR.
I am the one who sleeps with a polar bear.
I am the one whose room is always messy.
I am the one who will capture a thousand moments.
I am the one who cries for my friends.
I am the one who will write poetry forever.
I am the one who is sitting in this chair.
I am the one who is living my life.
I am the one who is loving my life.
I am not a saint,
Nor do I wish to be.
The only thing I wish to be is me.

peace, all.

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