Saturday, August 24, 2002

10 pm
lalalalala i am happy tomorrow is sunday. anywaysies, megs and kirsten stopped by to see the house this afternoon! it was great to see her considering i have seen her about twice at school. urgh. we had fun. :D my eyes are tired because i have been watching britcoms and the end of the LOTR (with mom who hadn't seen it yet) and stuff but i am now really tired. dad is on one of the crash pads near me getting a doze in (he usually doesn't go to bed til around 1 or 2 am but i think that'll go differently tonight since he reffed two games this afternoon and had to drive a pretty long way too) and mason's video game music is playing loudly which is really annoying but oh well. we had publix subs for dinner. and we are clubbing it tomorrow, FINALLY! jeez yay. tired eyes. i have homework still to do but i figure i'll just be the procrastinator that is inside of me and often comes out (bwa haha) and do it during the semi-lull between clubbing and choir tomorrow afternoon. yea. not that much, map stuff for geography and that cell project for biology which is due tuesday. sigh. tiredness, so good night to the world and all who dwell here... find peace wherever you can, we move too fast. "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end..." (from "closing time") --clairey... who is tired... and is dozing off now... g'night worldddddddddddd yea okay. (i'll miss you david. if you get to read this before you go, godspeed and peace. -your little sister clarice.)

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