Saturday, July 20, 2002

8:22 PM
Woke up, ate a waffle, cleaned a little, looked at photo albums, printed out more captions for UK scrapbook, cleaned, went to LN's, talked of course, came home, the Mase was home, watched some of Austin Powers, checked my e-mail, and am now downstairs doing this. (Downstairs! Feels weird saying that.) I like poetry. It's fun to write. Fun, fun, fun. Tomorrow is church.. and youth, yay! Wow, I think I have had this blog for about 5 months... yea... Feb. 17 to July 17 and now it's July 20... 5 mos. and 3 days! Dude, it doesn't seem like that long really. I am HUUNGRY for dinner cause we haven't had it yet... notice I always include a ton of periods in my sentences... yea yea yea... it adds nice thoughtful pauses. Hehe. G'bye --clairey

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