Thursday, July 04, 2002

4:40 PM
2 books to read-
~"Sarah" by Orson Scott Card
~"October Sky" (aka "Rocket Boys") by Homer Hickam
Both VERY VERY good books, I just finished the latter this afternoon.
In a bit it'll be time to go to dinner and fireworks with the good ole extended fam...
My favorite commerical is the Checkers one... Ya gotta eat... although I've never actually been to Checkers, whoops.
Yawn... sitting and reading for hours on end is certainly wonderful, although it tires me out even when I haven't been doing anything!
These are random thoughts...
Ah well... random thoughts are mostly good.
And the bad random thoughts I usually wouldn't post for all the world to see.
He he he he.
Please don't let it rain tonight because I want to watch the fireworks!!!!!!!!
My brother is watching "Tremors"... ewwwwww...
There's nothing better to say but I like the feel of the keys on my fingers, typing.
Find something exciting to say... hmmm...
I am very proud to be an American!
That's all.
I guess.

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