Friday, July 12, 2002

4 PM
Sniff sniff it's sad. We are mostly moved and I am sitting here on my knees in the empty old house, writing this. I have cried twice. It is so sad, but no one else in my family has cried. Jeez. I am talking to David and Rebekah, and I was talking to my dearest cousin Mayray but now she is gone. We are going to go meet them on a trip in 2 weeks. Should be fun. Ugh I am hot. But it is actually cool outside. It didn't rain though... thank goodness for my parents who were supervising the movers... but it did rain yesterday. We are going out to dinner tonight, YESSSSSSSS! I am trying to convince them to go to Mick's (of course, it being my favorite place de manger-- is that a French word or not? Oh well, place to eat), even though Barbara and I went there on Wed. night. What the heck, I love it all. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN. Just so you know, "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" is a great book. I'm almost done. Okay that is all. Goodbye house. Love you. (how sentimental)

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