Wednesday, July 31, 2002

3:52 PM
I just redid the template... cool, hope ya like the "fresh colors". Or that's what it's supposed to be. Whatever. Well, today has been an extremely nice day, I will tell you that. It didn't start off too great, as we have not too much for breakfast (for those of you who know me, I'm a very picky breakfast eater, especially), so I had several bites of a waffle (but not as good as the Belgian waffle I had over the weekend in Savannah). THEN I decided to be motivated and walk to the track and so I did and I was the only person there so I walked my mile and walked home and it was VERY hot (I went from about 10:30 to 11:10-- takes me about 40 minutes)... and I felt tired but it was a good tired, ya know, the tired you feel when you're proud that you've done something and you know that you've had your exercise for the day so you can eat a big bowl of ice cream or stay on the computer for awhile longer... hehehe. Then I went home and settled down on the couch and read "Foxtrot" books (ahhhhh... seriously, they are hysterical, you should hear me laughing over some of them). And Mom went to the grocery store and we had Publix subs for lunch outside on our new outside table and I had a big bowl of O Fudge! O Nuts! ice cream and then just relaxed outside in the shade and there was a nice breeze and not many bugs and even though it was hot, it was fine in the shade. Ahhhhhh. Now I have come in and checked my email and am now blogging... I need to call Alyssa. And Melissa. And email LN. And I wrote Elizabeth a letter but I need to send it. And Molls comes home today so I need to call her, even though she'll be totally jetlagged-- ah well. Baseball game tomorrow night avec mon pere- yayay! Gotta love em. Oh and another good part of the day- Mom is cooking chicken parmesan tonight for dinner! :-D And "Friends"... so many good things about life. I am gonna go see if the new template worked out, cause who knows if it did or didn't. peace and contentment all day long --clairey

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