Tuesday, July 09, 2002

3:05 PM
hi i am talking to LN on the phone... lalalalalalala... we are talking about a variety of subjects as we usually do... ok we just got off the phone and it is 3:22 now... i am going to go check the mail and then i will come back---
3:34 PM
Wow, I actually got a letter from Eph! Yay! Anyways not much else is going on... well a lot is going on inside my brain but... it's just weird. If you want to know more, ask me and I will tell you. Probably. Let's just say that the camp experience I had has gotten way out of hand and out of proportion and people have misrepresented what I have said and haven't even asked me what I have said or what happened, just asked other people who either weren't there or who weren't inside my brain at the time, and now I am in the middle of crossfires between angry adults. Whoop de doo for me. I FEEL VIOLATED! Goldurnit (get rid of abusive language, get rid of abusive language... urrrrgh Bible Bible Bible oh well at least I didn't say "damn" because I had typed it earlier... but just know that is what I mean.)
LN is coming to see the new house later and Cheryl and Mason probably are too. Tomorrow night I am going out with Barbara to talk and to dinner. Yumm. Oh, those little 3 year olds are running me ragged. We only had 7 today (that was nice since 3 days a week we have 13) but they're still so tiring! I deserve all the money I get paid. I need to finish reading "Ya-Ya"... and start on the family newsletter. I think I will do that now. Urrrrrgh. Violation of your privacy really sucks when you're in the crossfires between angry adults. Or maybe I'm overreacting... I can do that you know...

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