Monday, July 15, 2002

2:30 PM
Monday... at least it's not a school Monday. But summer is fast ending. Dammit. Ah wellza. In a silly sort of mood aujourd'hui. 3 year olds are tiring, as usual. But sweet. YAWNYAWNYAWN. Talked to Bek yesterday about camp... it was nice to talk to her. I may write Eph as well. Hum. I want to see the movie of "Ya-Ya" now that I've finished le livre (the book). I want salmon or chicken for supper, but salmon would be a dream... we have had so much fast food and take outs because of the move and I would just love some salmon and rice and potatoes and broccoli and watermelon and then something chocolate for dessert... mmmmmmmmm. To go to the mtns. this weekend, or not to go to the mtns. this weekend? THAT is the question. Hm. I am in our new basement and it is nice and quiet. The bro is outta town with friends, at the beach... I am so jealous about that! :) OK, time to get off... do something else. Tchao loverlies --clairey

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