Tuesday, July 16, 2002

10:15 PM
Hey guess what? I finished this scrapbook this afternoon! It looks really cool! It goes all the way from when we left to being in Dublin for a day with Sarah and Joanne. But I have so much more to put in, but I am working and I am babysitting on Thurs. night so more $$ is headed my way I think. It is really time for me to go to bed because I am extremely sleepy and I need to... Mom and I may go to Panera for breakfast tomorrow before work because we didn't get to go today. I really hope we can because I want an asiago cheese bagel and an IC Spice... those drinks are the BEST!!!! Even though I'm not much of a coffee person. Oh wellza. I like "wellza". It's cool. Eyes are tired... g'night world, sleep tight. sweet, peaceful dreams --clairey

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