Sunday, July 21, 2002

10:09 PM
YAAAAWN... today is Sarah M's 24th birthday! And Emma's 14th. Yay! Church today... sat w/ Chris and Jack was behind us... The Rogers brought their 6-day old baby girl Leila to church!!! YAYAYAYAY! She is so gorgeous, like her mama. 8D Whoo hoo. Came home, ate, cleaned, hung out, la la la, went to Youth-- it was board game night.. me, Chris, Rob, George, Laura, Kathleen, Amy, and Lester. We alternated between Life and Monopoly. I came in 3rd in Life! Out of 4 people, hehe. $1,610,000, yea baby! Tomorrow is Summersaults, we commence the final week... YES!!! That means I get paid on Friday (and boy do I deserve it if I do say so myself-- all of the workers do) and on Friday Mum and I are driving up to meet Mary and Grandmama for the weekend. OH! Nearly forgot-- this morning, I walked from my house to the SMS track, walked a mile (4 laps) there, then walked back home in time to shower and go to Sunday School! YAY! I am proud of myself, maybe I will do that tomorrow morning too, it may give me more energy.
"Exercise gives you endorphins- endorphins make you happy- happy people just don't shoot their husbands!" --Elle Woods, "Legally Blonde"
so many papers to look thru... and 2 books to read for school, goldurnit. "Tom Sawyer" and "The Hobbit". I already read "And Then There Were None" and that completely freaked me out, maybe because I read it right before bed... ahhhh. Scary. Scary scary. But well tho't out of course, by Ms. Agatha Christie, mysterious writer extraordinaire. Speaking of scary, new school... Excitement is in the air, but nervousness is definitely creeping in there somewhere... durnit. Not good. Calm down, I can do it... ok tired now.. that is all I can think of to write, even though I would love to write more, love to write more long sentences and hear the sound of typing and feel contented with that... (jeez, I can be so poetic-- sorta-- sometimes!) Oh, I have a big mirror for my closet door in my room and today I was dancing around in it to my "Celtic Rhythms" CD... hehe. Fun fun fun. Ah, music, magnifique.

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