Saturday, June 15, 2002

7 PM
Whoa, haven't talked in awhile now have I? Sorry, been @ camp, etc. BUT to start off... On Saturday (the 8th), it was Eric and Laura's wedding!! It was one of the happiest events I've ever been to. :-D But I'm gonna copy what I wrote in my journal to here:
The choir had to be there an hour early, so we started learning the song... those present were Austin, Sistah E, Diane, Alex, Addy, Allie, Megs, Thomas, Austin, Eric, Chris, etc. Made several silly mistakes on the song, and there was one period when Diane and I (the only 2 altos) were about to crack up at the end. When we went down to robe up, Eric (the groom) was down there looking all stiff and nervous in his tux- we gave him encouragement... hehehe yeah, that really helped!! :-) LOL. Then we went and got into our places and got to enjoy watching the ushers (Rob S., Adam G., Chris R., Chris H., John A.) escort the ladies down the aisle. At one great point during the prelude, two of my favorite girls in the world, Katie and Florence, walked down the aisle on either side of Rob. Old friends reunited during the summer. :-) None of us in the sanctuary could stop grinning, it was such a great "happy high" to be on. Laura was SO beautiful and radiant and they had a Sharing the Word w/ Children section so we all came up and so did Debbie and Katie and Florence!!! It was amazing (and darn it, David wasn't there to lead us trooping down the aisle:-D) It was sad and happy to have John do the service because "Goodbye Rob, Elizabeth, Helen, and John" Day was Sunday. Then we didn't make any mistakes singing and all our faces hurt from beaming when John said "May I present Eric and Laura R."!!!!! And we all burst into applause and the Youth choir (aka us) gave them a standing ovation. :-) Then there was the really, really fun reception with yummy food and toasts and dancing... it was great. I hung out with all my home fries. A wonderful occasion. THEN on Sunday... extremely emotional. It was weird because so many people who used to go to church, who had moved or just don't come anymore, were there. The sanctuary was packed. It was weird but nice but surreal but sad. I teared up and sorta cried during all the songs. My mom and Shelley and a lot of other people were crying too. Afterwards, we had a picnic and I hung out with a lot of the same people I hung out with at the wedding. Laura and Eric had been kind enough to leave up their chairs and tables and canopies for us to use. THEN we had to drive home and then drive to camp.
Camp is a whole other story... it just wasn't the same. It seemed really evangelical this year. I have realized that I just don't believe some of the stuff they were saying. More later when I feel like it.
I feel sorta out of it, forgetful and stuff because maybe since I just got home and I spent 4 hours reading the new Mitford book by Jan Karon. It was really good- it's called "In This Mountain". We bought "Harry POtter and the Sorceror's Stone" the movie. Tomorrow is Father's Day. I am happy because there is church and youth and we're having something at Nana and Pop Pop's house and I have a whole week at home!!! Whoo hoo! And family reunion this next weekend- yeeea! Honor's bday is on Thursday... gotta remember that. HUNGER! We're having turkey (yum), corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, bread, cookies... yum yum yum :-)

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