Thursday, June 27, 2002

12:38 PM
Hi I'm at Youth Week @ Noah's Ark Retreat Center in Panama City!!!!! It's fun dudes. We've been playing Mafia SO much!!!! It's almost time for lunch but oh well... just thought I'd check in... oh guess what? We have a new house! Oh and the fam reunion last weekend was a blast!! I took tons of pictures. I love my family. It's HOT here! They just tried to convince me to play Mafia but I'm not going to cause I'm blogging to let you guys know how I am- aren't I nice? They have a band here called 2x2 (Two By Two) and they're reeeeally good. We've been talking a lot about our faith and what exactly we believe. I'll put all that down later ok? Now they're trying to teach Rachael (who works here- she's really nice) Mafia. IT'S TRAVIS IT'S TRAVIS!!! Ha haha. About a year ago today I went white water rafting on Youth Week. Wowza... goodbye from da beach.... lunchtime --clairey

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