Tuesday, June 18, 2002

11 AM
AHHHH summer! :-) Wonderfulness. On Sunday, I acolyted and Cynthia preached... very good. Then went home for a little Father's Day luncheon with dear Father... then went to grandparents' house and celebrated w/ other family members (I'm looking forward to the family reunion this weekend... should be good times, great fun)... then went to Youth and played games and had a program on prayer. It was very good. Then yesterday, hung out, cleaned up, went to LN's house and showed her my 409 pictures (and she actually sat thru them all! YAY! :-D), she showed me her pictures, we talked (as we usually do), ate dinner, hung out some more, then I went home. It was great! Today I am going out to lunch w/ Youth Group, then back to grandparents' house to see cousins and do other stuff. Ahhh, wonderful week where I don't have to do anything... yay! :-) peace --clairey

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