Thursday, May 16, 2002

9:45ish PM
Bon soir.... je suis TRES fatigue!!!! Demain c'est mon examen finale de francais. PHew! Tonight was the last chorus concert of the year, and the last concert for all of us leaving SMS. It was fun, especially since it doesn't necessarily matter is we flop (which we did on some, I'll admit it). Awards night was after, and that was fun. We did "9/11" at the beginning... and we are doing "The Age of ME by US" 4 times during school tomorrow- and I can be in it!!! Yay! Yesterday I had a massage.... ah, it was lovely. Linda said I was very ticklish, which means tight muscles. DUHHHH I've been trying to recover from pneumonia for pete's sake. This weekend is camping, but it may rain tomorrow night so Dad, Mase, and I are going up on Saturday morning. 6 days! YAYAYAY! This afternoon was our little 8th grade "social"- it was fun, esp. since I got to miss math and they had free snow cones (yum) and cotton candy (eww) and water, etc. We walked around the track but it was SOOO HOT. Yaaawn. I have a teeny bit of homework... but I'm missing those classes tomorrow so I'm debating whether or not to do it, considering how late it is and how tired I am. We found another house we like.. I looked at it this afternoon, I like it. It's right at our limit cash wise too. We shall see. YAAAAAWN! Sleeptime, goodnight dahlings --clairey

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