Sunday, May 19, 2002

9:08 PM
Yaaawn. Am doing science homework and my bro and dad are watching "Universal Soldier"... now they switched the channel and are watching something else... whatever. Tonight was Eric and Laura's wedding shower. It was so much fun! We played wedding games and had a slide show and yummy food and sang songs, etc. etc. Then we all blessed them...Andy- "I hope you have great sex". He he he. OOH- The Cosby Show reunion is on!!! I love that show. I've had this blog for 3 months and 1 day. Yesterday was Gabe and Rebekah's 6th anniversary. I hope this is a good last week of school. I am going to miss David so much when he goes to college. Siiiigh his graduation is on Friday. College people are coming home.. it's nice. Ann and I decided we are going to have a camp singfest at Sunday School next weekend. Gotta gooooo --clairey ps. we are very interested in the house we looked at this week.. it would be a nice house to have. if ya wanna know more, ask me.

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