Friday, May 24, 2002

7:39 PM
No more SMS... gasp. I cried last night in bed. Today was a mix of hugs and crying (but not me... I thought I would, but I didn't.). I am so glad Michelle, LN, etc. are going to DHHS. Tonight is Laura's party... it's actually going on right now... and I'm gonna go in a little bit, but I just got back from the DHHS graduation. Was very cool, except the audience behavior was SO horrible and atrocious. They were yelling and screaming as the names were called and the grads went across the stage and some people even had NOISE BLOWERS! I was so mad. That makes it completely uncivilized. BUT- I saw David, Ariana, Lily, Laura, Kadie, Joseph, and a lot of other people that I know, cross the stage. Gave David his card, saw Austin, Ms. Murdy, Tasja, etc. etc. Angela, Olivia, etc. etc... many many many people. I am excited about going but I sorta wanna get the first year over with so I can be used to it. But it really just doesn't seem like the last day of school. TOO TOO surreal. Siiiiiiiiiiigh. I really need sleep, and I really need to pack. Tomorrow is Victor's birthday. NO MORE SCHOOL FOR 2 MONTHS!!!!!! YEEEEEA! But sad. Later, gotta eat macaroni... --clairey

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