Tuesday, May 21, 2002

5:13 PM
3 days til freedom... today has been a good day. Here, I'll tell about it.
1st period-- Actually, during homeroom, went to the gym for the 6th and 7th grade awards ceremony. During 1st period, I read my speech. I think most people liked it. During Lang. Arts, we read the play of "The Diary of Anne Frank". Alex was very good as Anne. :-)
2nd period-- Did a lab- "Jelly Genes"- Jelly beans and genetic stuff. It was fun.
3rd & 4th periods-- Our awards assembly. Muchly fun, I got several awards and then at the end I got Dragon of the Year for my team (just in case you were wondering, we're the dragons)... it was VERY unexpected but I really appreciated it. Coach O was up there going, "our recipient blah blah blah still turned in her homework on time when they had the flu"... Other people said that was when they knew it was me, but I was totally out of it, thinking, "did someone else get the flu?? Because I got pneumonia!" But then he said my name, and I was like, "okaaaaaay! wow!" It made me feel very good though. So thank you everybody.
4th period-- or, the rest of it. Caitlin showed me her pictures... and I showed her mine... and Nazia signed my yearbook... and we all had a jolly good time... Ms. Bailey's last day is tomorrow- sniff sniff. I can't believe that! Maybe the tears will begin tomorrow too. We are having silly awards in class tomorrow.
5th period-- Worked on concept maps and BOTH computers I was on froze up!! Ah well. I need to work on that... I will miss Ms. Logsdon SO MUCH! Why can't she come teach @ DHHS next year? :-)
6th period-- watched more of "Jaune de Florettes"... did I mention that Madame is not coming back? That is because she lost her baby. I am sad for her, and sad about that. I will miss her so much. Ms. Kubiak, our sub, said that she came in during 2nd period today and had Ms. K read a letter she wrote to us, while she was there, because she would have been crying if she had read it. So Ms. K read it to us. It was sad. I think she really wanted this baby, and now it's gone. She has a daughter in the 7th grade, but still... I feel so bad for her. I think it made the people who didn't really like her feel bad for her. She was a great teacher. But we are still having Culture Day on Friday.
7th period-- Math final..... URRRRRRRRRRRGH... started it today, it'll finish tomorrow. Guess what? Stupid me left my calculator at home since I stayed up SO late last night studying! Ha ha. And isn't it ironic?..... But Coach O took away the threat that "if you fail miserably, I'm failing you completely"... he said he's just gonna average it with our other grades. THANK GOD!

Anyways... Bek graduated from college! Yee ha! And Katie should be home sometime this week... and David is having a party on Sunday but guess what, I can't go because I'll be flying to the UK... hmph. But his graduation is on Friday and I am hopefully going (as well as Laura's, Kadie's, Arianna's, and Lily's..). And there is a party after that at Laura D.'s house and Lizzie and I wanna go see Ms. Stanley and I have a birthday party to go to on Saturday for Victor... and I have to pack in between. SHEESH! 3 days left... I can't believe it. Siiigh. --clairey (I have ended with a sigh recently)

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