Thursday, May 02, 2002

4:56 PM
Do you know what is just wonderful!???! I realized that my blog archives were NOT deleted after all! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Oh joy, oh elation, oh goodie! Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Well, anyways, now that that's outta the way- today was okay. More yearbook signing took place; but the science part of the testing has definitely been the hardest section. We practiced the play in Chorus and in math Coach O said that he's not gonna give us any more assignments, just extra credit! And we're gonna prepare for the final. Yahoooo! So that's wonderful. 16 days and counting.... yea! And demain c'est vendridi! YAYAYAYAY! Hm, maybe me, Marty, and Alyssa can go see a movie this weekend... maybe. Extended choir practice on Sunday because of the concert a week from tomorrow... and I signed up for "no participation" for Field Day because I like to be there but I don't like to do sports. So, yeah. That's about all for now. --clairey the happy person because her archives aren't gone!!!

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